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Trade Type: Scalp | Timeframe: 5m | Symbol: MNQ (NAS100)

Trade Type: Swing | Timeframe: 1h | Symbol: GBPUSD

Trade Type: Swing | Timeframe: Weekly | Symbol: BTCUSD

Trade Type: Swing | Timeframe: Daily | Symbol: US30

Trade Type: Swing | Timeframe: Daily | Symbol: GALAWETH

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What is the Kangaroo Tail candlestick?

The kangaroo tail candlestick pattern is a variation of the doji family, shooting stars and hammers merged into one for simplicity.

A valid Bullish Kangaroo Tail can either be a bearish candle or a bullish candle, we only focus on the shape of a candle, not the color.

The open and close of a bullish Kangaroo Tail must be in the upper portion of the candle range usually in the upper 33% of the candle range but this can be custom tailored in the Kangaroo Tail body percent input settings.

A valid Bearish Kangaroo Tail can either be a bullish or bearish candle, the same principal applies as above. 

The open and close of a bearish Kangaroo Tail must be in the lower 33% of the candle range, though Kangaroo Tails can work just as good if not better in the 40% range.

Kangaroo Tails help predict when the market is ready to possibly reverse, just as real kangaroo’s in Australia use their tails to propel themselves in the opposite direction the market makers love to propel the market in the opposite direction to fake out traders into entering weak positions.

When we look at kangaroo tails we have to ask ourselves what is the market telling us, a kangaroo tail with a long tail extending past Support & Resistance or a Supply & Demand area is telling us the market is ready to turn around. If there is a Kangaroo Tail with a shorter tail then this is telling us this may not be the ideal turning point for price to reverse.

The Kangaroo Tail is one of the most reliable and flexible price action reversal candles, especially when it is combined and merged using other indicators such as the EFI oscillator, volume and moving averages. If you are mainly a chart pattern trader, then you can add the Kangaroo Tail in your arsenal for further confirmations to enter a strong position with flags, descending & ascending triangles, M’s, W’s or head & shoulders, you name it!